​Venice, Italy (City of Water)

One of the best tourist destinations in the world, the city of water. Walking down the maze-like alleys and travel back in time to the Middle Ages.

This world-famous touristic place is in the northern Italy. It is called as “City of Water,” it is famous for its canals and gondola sights. First, I surprised that getting into the city from the airport by ship. It is not big ship, just small ship which 20-30 people can board. I have never experienced to board on the ship with big luggage, then heading to the hotel. It takes approx. one and half hour from airport to “San Marco square” in the heart of the Venice city. This is long trip, but while seeing the seascape outside, ship arrives to the destination without any notice.

In Venice, there are two splendid modern art museum, “Pegi Guggenheim Museum” and “Punta della Dogana”. In addition, there is a museum festival every two year for contemporary art. It is “Venice Biennale”, which is from spring to autumn, continuing more than 100 years.

Just remembering in Italy about the art museum, main artworks are in medieval times, however, there are modern and contemporary art museum in Venice and this must be one feature in Venice. It is outstanding mix of modern art and historical city landscape.

It is very fun to walk around the city in Venice. Basically, everywhere in this city is the same landscape, narrow passage and around 10-meter height house/building to cover its passage. The historic buildings and the canals with dark green water encounter stunning scenery.

There are many old towns in Europe, but from the viewpoint of contrast with water, it is a unique place. I recommend to walk around not only in “San Marco square” area, but also a little far area from the “San Marco square”. In the center of this city is, anyway, packed by the tourist, and therefore, I guess, it is difficult to feel its real atmosphere. In case going to far from the central area, there is a scape with narrow passage less than 1 meter. Then just walking its passage, there is a splendid small square, and can see the view on a daily life that children are running and playing.

Passage must be not made as planned, it intricates and it is easy to lose the way. In that case, road sign on the house/building to check and confirm it on the map then to start to walk again. Now, there is no case like this, thanks to the smart phone technology. Therefore, you can walk as you like, then you can find astonishing place in this city.

I recommend to walk around in the early in the morning and late night. In a daytime, there are so many tourists. In case time is limited and no place to walk around to a little far area from the center, just to walk around in the center area in this early in the morning or late night. I guess, you can find something special view.

While, no car is running in this place. After getting off the ship in the side of “San Marco square”, you must go to the hotel dragging a luggage. When getting tired while walking around the city, no taxi is available and must board on the ship on the canal. However, it takes time to go to the ship station, it is not useful, I guess. Overall, please remind that you will walk around for a long time.

While walking down in this city, you may notice suddenly that there is no car at all here. No car means, no traffic signal. This makes us to feel the long time ago of situation without car, and may feel something instinct.

Car can only enter “Piazzale Roma”. If entering by bus from the airport, you will come to “Piazzale Roma”, but if the hotel is near “San Marco square”, it will take about 30 minutes to walk. Passage is relatively flat, but walking on a cobblestone road for 30 minutes while pulling a suitcase can be hard, so you’ll have to use a water bus. However, this water bus is crowded, and riding with suitcase distracts from a Japanese sense, so as mentioned at the beginning, it is realistic to enter by ship from the airport to the side of “San Marco square”.

At last, I describe one episode which was very interesting to me. We have just gotten into one restaurant at dinner. No one was there when entering. Restaurant person said you can sit down wherever you want, then we have sat down onto one table, the third table from the window.

After a while, one couple has just come in, then they have sat down at the table next to us, the second table from the window. Then, another couple has showed up after that, then sat down next to our table, which is vacant. Thera are other seven tables vacant in this restaurant, but three table is occupied in series. In addition, the window table, that must be special is still vacant.

I have experienced this kind of story in the different city, however, I always surprise at this happening, how the sense/feeling between Japanese and North America/European people. In case next couple after us is Japanese, they will not sit down next to us, surely. Furthermore, in case two series of table is occupied, then other Japanese comes, he/she will sit down other tables which is not next to the occupied table. I guess that this is a real culture difference, but it is interesting and thinking for a while.

Visited in 1988 and twice in 2013.

Basic Information

​■ Name of Place : Venice, Italy
■ Homepage :  The official tourism website of the City of Venice