Dungeon Heavy & Rock Bar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rio in Brazil. In the music-tolerant land that produced samba and bossa nova, recognizing rock music in the people’s life. 

This Rock Club locates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazil is a tolerant place for rock music, as it reminds me of “Rock In Rio” festivals and is often incorporated into rock band tours. It is also the birthplace of samba and bossa nova music, and is one of the best in the world for its permeation and tolerance of music culture.

There are many rock clubs in Brazil where to play live music and just play music. There are several rock clubs playing live music in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Also, there are many cover bands. For rock bands from the 70’s to the 90’s, or after 2000, it seems that a lot of people play only the cover songs of that particular band.

The “Dungeon Heavy & Rock Bar” introduced here is in Rio de Janeiro. When I visited, there were two cover bands, one was “Ozzy Osbourne” and another was “Metallica”.

The venue is small, just getting into the the entrance, there is a stage on the left-hand side of the first floor, and there are less than 10 tables on the right-hand side. The space in front of the stage is packed with 20 people.

The second floor has balcony seats, with tables, and about 30 people can sit. One feature is that visitor can eat, such as hamburgers, desserts etc. Is it a simplified version of the “Hard Rock Cafe”. Also, the service is excellent, which is rare in this kind of place.

“Ozzy Osbourne” and “Metallica” are rock bands that symbolize the 1980s. When looking at the visited people, nearly half of them are lady. There are several ladies looks like twenties, so this might be a sign that rock culture is acceptable.

Extruding a copy band all over to run a rock club would be tough elsewhere. I have never heard of a place like this in UK and United States, cover bands sometimes play, but it is rare.

Walking around Rio de Janeiro around 8am on Sunday morning, I have found that people were still gathering in front of the bar playing music and dancing, also I am surprised that music is playing from the buildings which seems to have continued since last night.

Please visit and feel the penetration of rock culture in South America.

Visited in 2019.

Basic Information

■ Name of Place:Dungeon Heavy & Rock Bar
■ Address : Rua Felipe Camarão 130, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil​
​■ Homepage : http://www.calabouco-bar.com.br/
(* As of January 2022, the homepage cannot be accessed and it might be closed)