Special Place / 28 Spot in the world

◆ Amboy California, USA
Wilderness of the Mojave Desert in the western US. With the impressive cafe & motel sign in the background, I am healed by the silence of the deserted landscape.
(May 10 2019)(Aug 11 2023 updated)

ルーブル美術館 アブダビ

◆ Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE
In a white-based space that evokes an “extraordinary” atmosphere, the Uzbekistani staff speak in English, and the “extraordinary” feeling expands.
(Jun 16 2019)


◆ Kiva Koffeehouse, Utah, USA
Along the road in Utah, USA. Spending a luxurious reading time at the coffee house on the side of the valley, with a spectacular view outside the window.
(Jul 13 2019)


◆ Oregon Country Fair, Oregon, USA
Oregon, USA. At a festival inherits the hippie culture, seeing an unrealistic scene and realize that I have changed my outlook on life.
(Aug 29 2019)


◆ Banksy Wall Painting, Bethlehem, Palestine
Palestine, Bethlehem. While traveling around Banksy’s mural paintings on the separation wall between Israel and Palestine, meeting with the first Japanese artist in Asia to paint. 
(Sep 19 2019)(Jul 4 2020 updated)


◆ Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, the island of the farthest ocean, the land of the midnight sun. As walking through the streets lined with colorful houses, noticing that no one is walking, and feeling unrealistic. 
(Dec 28 2019)


◆ Kathmandu, Nepal
One of the three great sacred places of hippies. People are kind and forgiving. Is this due to the culture of the country Himalayas are located? Feeling the peaceful atmosphere in a foreign land. (Jan 26 2020)


◆ Siqueiros, Mexico City, Mexico
Mexican artist “David Alfaro Siqueiros” founded the Mexican Mural Movement. Picture of passion sways emotions leading to a different world.
(Mar 22 2020)

Zzyzx ロード

◆ Zzyzx Road / Soda Lake, California, USA
A strangely named road in the Mojave Desert, eastern California, USA. Experiencing the world of “nothing” in the mysterious scenery of Dry Lake.​ 
(Apr 25 2020)


◆ Arcata, California, USA
Arcata in Northern California, USA, different from stereotype California. Enjoying the gentle atmosphere in town inheriting hippie culture.
(Jun 27 2020)


◆ Baker, California, USA
Baker, located in the Mojave Desert, southeastern California, USA. Feeling scorching land with the world’s tallest thermometer landmark.
(Aug 30 2020) (updated on Aug 14 2023)


◆ Cusco, Peru
Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire. Astonished by the special scenery of the city, walking along the cobblestone road, it becomes difficult to tell whether it is a pisco sour sickness or a sickness in this city. 
(Nov 28 2020)


◆ Venice, Italy
One of the best tourist destinations in the world, the city of water. Walking down the maze-like alleys and travel back in time to the Middle Ages.
(Dec 26 2020)


◆ Sunset Strip, California USA 
Sunset Strip, west side of Los Angeles. Seeing Billboard with clear blue sky background on the Sunset Blvd and visiting the sacred sites of Rock music, feeling the atmosphere of California. (Feb 28 2021)


​◆ Dead Sea, Israel / Palestine
Floating on a lake with an unusually high salinity, seeing the gray-brown rocky mountains in the distance. When closed my eyes, the history of this land permeates my body.
 (May 30 2021)


◆ Twentynine Palms, California, USA
A town with a mysterious name in southwestern California, USA. While wandering around the houses scattered in the wilderness, imagine the thoughts of people fleeing the city and arriving at this place. 
(Jun 29 2021)


◆ Mojave Desert・Mojave National Preserve / California, USA
Wilderness in southeastern California, USA. Wander around the ghost town in the wilderness and experience the world of “nothing”.
 (Aug 29 2021)


◆ San Sebastian / Spain 
Basque Country, Spain. Enjoy a tipsy feeling in the old town of a gastronomic city with a relaxing atmosphere, different from Barcelona and Madrid.
(Oct 24 2021)


◆ Easter Island / Chile 
An isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. See the statue of Moai and imagine the “collapse of
civilization” unfolded here.
(Dec 26 2021)


◆ Jerusalem Old City / Israel
Jerusalem Old City, Israel. Walking around the maze-like road in the 1km square castle wall, recall the history this place has followed, and realize I am feeling emotions I have never experienced before. (Feb 26 2022)


◆ Santorini Island / Greece
Island in the Aegean Sea. While looking at the white houses on the cliff and the boat floating in the azure sea in the background, feeling the illusion of being in heaven.
(May 29 2022)


◆ Nakanojo Biennnale / Gunma Japan 
Nakanojo town in Gunma, Japan. A successful “local” art festival. The nostalgic memories of a long time ago are revived around the artworks in the abandoned school and house.
(Jun 30 2022)

◆ Las Vegas / Nevada USA
A world-famous casino city. Enjoying the extraordinary in Entertainment City.
(Feb 17 2023)

◆ Ivanpah Lake / California USA
Dazzled by the glare of the dry lake along Interstate 15 on the border between California and Nevada, together with the light of a mysterious tower in the distance.
(Feb 17 2023)

◆ Oku-Noto International Art Festival / Ishikawa,Japan
Noto Peninsula, Suzu City, Japan. Seeing how contemporary art to evolve in this rare land blessed with both mountains and sea.
(Jul 22 2023)

◆ Marfa / Texas, USA
Marfa, Texas. Experience the warmth of the people in Texas at this sacred place for contemporary art pioneered by Donald Judd.
(Nov 26 2023)

◆ Bagdad / without “h” (Bagdad, USA)
Baghdad. Walking through a place called “Bagdad” in USA, not in Iraq. Notice that it is not spelled “Baghdad”, but Bagdad without “h”.
(Jan 28 2024)

◆ Machu Picchu / Peru
Machu Picchu in Peru. One of the most well-known World Heritage Sites. Overwhelmed with emotion as walking along the Inca Trail and arrive at the sky city.
(Mar 31 2024)

(described on May 10 2019)​
(latest update on Mar 31 2024)