FM Station(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Northern Hollywood in Los Angeles. Experiencing the depth of the Los Angeles club culture other than the Sunset Strip.

This Club is located at the north Hollywood. This Club must be not famous for the people frequently going to the Club at Sunset Strip and Downtown area. I have been to here to see the band called “Vicious Delite” organized by “Stephen Pearcy” of Ratt.

This Club was new to me and therefore, I did not expect this Club, however, it was great. Club was facing to the crossing on the big street, and there was a line when entering. When getting inside, there were two sets of billiard tables, then there was a stage floor. There were some spaces in front of the stage, and at the back side, small round tables and chairs with high legs were spotted.

The atmosphere is like Texas, and it is stylish in general. I am nervous at “The Roxy” and “Whisky a Go Go” since it is a little sophisticated atmosphere, however, this Club downgrades its sophisticated feeling and bringing some casual sense. It was so fresh to me that this place was comfortable.

When sitting down at the chair, cocktail waitress has come to my table and had an order. At “the Roxy” and “Whisky a Go Go”, there were waitress, too, who were busy. However, the waitress here was relaxed and it was comfortable.

Stage was low height, in case some audiences stand in front of the stage, it is difficult to see the performer from the table located at the backside. One interesting feature at this Club was project screen, which is going down from the ceiling at the performance intermission, then broadcasting some video. Nowadays, this is very normal, however, it was rare to me at that time.

Four hand played when I have visited, melodious rock, rock by the Mexican people, Funky Rock, then the final “Vicious Delite” performance has started around 12:30 am. The appearance of four bands was common in 90’s, including clubs on the Sunset Strip, but is rarely seen now. In 90’s, rock music still had a lot of momentum, which may be related to the fact that there were many rock bands.

The audiences were a little older, like 30s to 40s, different from the Club at Sunset Strip. Entrance fee was 5 dollars. No complaint to be made in case you can see the bands including “Stephen Pearcy”. This Club was already closed. Guessing that 100 people has entered at that day, then, one audience consuming 10 dollars for drink and food, total amount of revenue is (5+10)x100=1500 US dollars. I guess, the revenue for each band is small and guessing that there was no choice to keep running this Club.

The audiences were relatively older and atmosphere nice, good concept. When visiting the original place in 2018, building was just taken away, and new building was under construction.

Visited in 1996.

​Basic Information

■ Name of Place:FM Station
■ Address : Lankershim and Victory, North Hollywood, California, USA
​■ Performed Musician : Night Ranger, Bangles