Modern Art Museum

If one question came to me “What do you get from the art?”, my response is “something new”. I like very much to appreciate the modern art; however, I am not interested in looking at old paintings like European medieval times. It is not clear to myself, but I guess, its artwork is made based on the “normal life”.

Old artwork is mostly within my expectation and important factor is the technique to make its artwork, in addition, old artwork does not indicate the “author” and individual is not clear, and therefore, its artwork handles very universal theme and it becomes within my expectation.

Joan Milo Museum

Modern art is, very often, difficult to understand, “what the author would like to say?”, laughing, pondering, getting angry, feeling bad, feeling sympathy. Sometimes, I feel something different and finding something special. In that case, I am thinking its something for some time, then, its thought is expanding to the other areas and enriching my body and soul.

While, if another question came to me “What do you expect to the museum?”, my response is “expected to have the unusual space”. Museum must have a big space and it must be comfortable. It must be the special place to appreciate artworks, to have the distance from the normal-life.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Museum

In addition, it is very important that there are a few/limited number of people in the art museum. Even if its space is great, its space is packed with the people, it becomes an unattractive space.

Here is a personal ranking for the Modern Art Museum I visited. From famous to little known museums, the criteria for ranking include “impact”. Some museums exhibit astonishing artwork, or museum is in the location to ask, “Well, why museum is in this remote area?” Sometimes communication with people in the museum remains in my memory, or being impressed only with the museum building, not artworks exhibited. In that sense, this is a very personal ranking, which may be slightly different from the word-of-mouth ranking on travel sites.

However, artists, especially for modern art, should not have created an artwork to be appreciated by everyone, appreciated by only some people, its purpose has been achieved. It seems that the ranking according to the opinion by everyone is contrary to the basic idea of ​​modern art. Therefore, I think that the ranking made by one individual favorite, like this site, matches the view of modern art world.


If you are interested in modern art or are looking for an “unusual space”, please read the article and if you feel “I wanna go”, visit there.

(described on Feb 10 2019)
(latest update on Apr 9 2023)