Whisky a Go Go (West Hollywood, CA, USA)

Check out how the club that gave birth to go-go dancing at the Club heaven on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles continues to make history.

This Club is at Sunset Strip, Los Angeles. As driving down “Sunset Boulevard” from downtown Los Angeles, go down the “Sunset Plaza” where shops and restaurants are lined up, slightly turn right to the place where “Tower Record” was there, and see “The Viper Room” on the left, “Whisky A Go Go” on the right.

In the 90’s, when passing by this “Whisky a Go Go”, there were crowds on sidewalk. I avoided the crowds and stepped out the sidewalk to the roadway, then walking to “the Roxy“. The sidewalk from “Whisky A Go Go” to “the Roxy”, then “Gazzarri’s” was the busiest place on the Sunset Strip.

I have not been to “Whisky a Go Go” in 1990s, since major performance at that time was “Grunge”, “Hip-Hop” and “Rock” music was minor. When checking the band to be performed in “Whisky a Go Go” on free paper “LA Weekly”, most of the band was “Grunge”, “Hip-Hop” which was not my favorite. However, in 2000s, Rock music came back to the major performance on “Whisky a Go Go”, then I visited.

By the way, it is interesting that rock club in Sunset Strip are characterized by the specific type of band to play depending on the year. In the 1990s, as mentioned above, “Whisky A Go Go” leaned toward “Grunge” and “Hip-Hop”, while “the Roxy” kept Rock music. On the other hand, “The Viper Room” leaned “Dance Music”. This is probably the owner’s strategy. Accordingly, the place to visit was changed.

If standing in front of the entrance, you can look inside and hear music, so to enter this place is relatively easy. When entering the main door, stage on the front-right. The stage is about 10 meters wide, 5 meters deep, 1.2 meters high. It is not so wide.

“Whisky A Go Go” has a second floor. The atmosphere is different from the first floor when climb the wooden stairs to the second floor. “Whisky A Go Go” is famous for tourists, but when go upstairs, it is the place like local youngsters are hanging out.

On the day, a local band plays, three or four bands play. Therefore, bandmates are chatting upstairs until their band comes out. I guess, there are things like that. PA is beside the stairs on the second floor, with looking down the stage.

The color of this building wall outside frequently changes. The scoreboard hanging on this building facing to the road crossing is the landmark view and you must be impressed when seeing this view from the opposite side of the street. This Club cannot, really, be removed from the list.

Visited in 2001, 2002, 2010, 2017

​Basic Infoformation

​■ Name of Place:Whisky a Go Go
■ Address : 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA USA
​■ Performed Musician :
Iggy Pop & Stooges, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Linkin Park, Oasis, System of a Down
■ Homepage :  https://whiskyagogo.com/