Rock Club Ranking the Best 14

#1 : Al’s Bar  (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Downtown in Los Angeles. Feeling the underground culture of Los Angeles in a dangerously smelling place. 
(Dec 30 2018) (Jan 18 2020 updated)

#2 : Anti Club (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Look like in a ordinary house in Los Angeles, be amazed at the enthusiasm of the band playing, dreaming of success. 
(Dec 30 2018) (Jan 18 2020 updated)

#3 : Marguee Club (London, UK)
Experience the essence of rock culture in the basement of central London, watching the spectators dive after a fight with security guards.
(Dec 30 2018)​ (Jan 24 2020 updated)

#4 : CBGB (New York City, NY, USA)
New York City, the lower east side that smells dangerous. Looking for the background of the punk in a club like a hole.
(Dec 30 2018) (Jan 25 2020 updated)

#5 : Gazzarri’s  (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
Club heaven on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Feeling the end of the 80’s rock boom at the historic club raising Van Halen. 
(Dec 30 2018) (Feb 1 2020 updated)

#6 : The Roxy  (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
At a club that represents the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, looking for the glittering glam metal residual scent by interacting with the club person and the audience.
(Dec 30 2018) (Aug 14 2023 updated)

#7 : Whisky a Go Go (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
Check out how the club that gave birth to go-go dancing at the Club heaven on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles continues to make history.
(Dec 30 2018) (Feb 8 2020 updated)

#8 : Purple Haze (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Nepal, Kathmandu, inheriting hippie culture. Experiencing rock music played in an extraordinary space that cannot be felt in USA and Europe. 
(May 23 2020)

#9 : FM Station (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
Northern Hollywood in Los Angeles. Experiencing the depth of the Los Angeles club culture other than the Sunset Strip.
(Dec 30 2018) (Feb 9 2020 updated)

#10 : Underworld (London, UK)
With the closure of the Marquee Club in London, experiencing the rock culture, leading the rock scene in London. 
(Dec 30 2018) (Feb 15 2020 updated) ​

#11 : Troubadour (Santa Monica, CA, USA)
Historic Club in Santa Monica Boulevard, in the south of Club heaven on Sunset Strip, Making sure that Rock music is Not Dead.
(Dec 30 2018) (Feb 22 2020 updated)

#12 : Dungeon Heavy & Rock Bar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Rio in Brazil. In the music-tolerant land that produced samba and bossa nova, recognizing rock music in the people’s life. 
(Jan 29 2022)

#13 : The Viper Room (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
Rock Clube heaven on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Experiencing the club energy survived behind the three major Strip clubs.
(Oct 27 2019) (Feb 29 2020 updated)

#14 : The Crocodile (Seattle, WA, USA)
Seattle, northwestern United States. Rock Club, the center of the grunge boom. Feeling the 90’s while thinking about the connection between Nirvana’s songs and the overcast climate.
 (Oct 24 2020)

​Special Article

■ Rock Club in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, USA. In the center of rock culture along with London, visiting various clubs and getting a glimpse of the history of rock culture.
(Dec 30 2018) (Jan 11 2020 updated)

■ Live Music Capital
Austin, Texas, USA. In the “Live Music Capital” city, with more than 200 live houses, amazed at the atmosphere of the music house and the high quality of music. 
(Mar 29 2021) 

■ Randy Rhoads’ grave
Randy Rhoads. The first guitarist of the Ozzy Osbourne band. Passed away in 1982. Revisiting the grave after 30 years and thinking the changes in the “exploration” process.
(Dec 24 2023) 

(described on Dec 30 2018)
(latest update on Dec 24 2023)