Santorini Island / Extraordinary like heaven

Island in the Aegean Sea. While looking at the white houses on the cliff and the boat floating in the azure sea, feeling the illusion of being in heaven.

This is an island in the Aegean Sea. It is a terrain formed by the volcano eruption. There is an island with an crater in the sea, and an island of somma around it. This island is the most special landscape among the islands in the Aegean Sea.

First of all, there are no trees on this island since lava forms this island. As I drive down the road, the terrain with a little grass on the rock surface spreads out. Greek church with a blue dome-shaped roof scatters. The most famous scenary on this island is the white buildings on the black-brown cliffs made of lava. The scenery in the town of Fira, which is the center of the island, and the town of Oia, which is in the north, is especially famous.

When entering the island by ship, I surprised at the sight of the cliffs and the white houses on the cliff. I have never seen such a place, it is full of unrealistic atmosphere.

Oia, in the north, has an outstanding landscape on the island. Arriving at Oia by bus, heading from the bus terminal to the coastal road, finding the Greek Orthodox Church with a blue dome and small square in front of it. The road facing the sea from here divides into a left side (east side) and a right side (west side).

The right side (west side) is famous for the sight of white houses around the view of the Greek Orthodox Church, which is often used for advertising. The passage leading to this right side (west side) is narrow and you can see extraordinary scenery. However, there are many people and I could not relax.

On the other hand, going to the left side (east side) of the plaza, the passage is narrow at first. After that, the width of the passage becomes wider and could take a leisurely stroll. Here, you can see a beautiful view of white houses on the sea side. If you would like to enjoy the scenery of the white houses with the sea and the cliffs, it is recommended to enter the restaurant/cafe on the sea side on the left. You can relax on the terrace.

Anyway, there are many people on the right side (west side) of the plaza, and the space for restaurants and cafes was small, so I recommend to go to left side (east side) to relax.

The town of Fira is a little inferior to Oia, however it offers a great view. What is special about Fira is the volcanic island view floating in the sea in front. Oia is great enough, but I also like the view of Fira with this volcanic island in front.

In addition, the sea is very calm. I visited twice in summer, when looking at the sea from the top of the cliff, the sea is very calm. When looking at the deep blue color, feeling like being sucked in… . The sight of the ship slowly moving through the sea is also a nice accent, and feeling the slow flow of time.

Naturally there is a beach on this island. There is a hideaway beach with lava-like red sand called Red Beach. There is also a large beach on the east side of the island. However, this island is not the place to come for swimming. Of course, the beach is important if visiting on the summer season. However if you would like to swimm, it is good idea to spend a little more money and stay at a hotel with a pool that offers views of the inland sea.

The towns of Oia and Fira mentioned are very popular. There are many people since hotels gather. Therefore if you would like to relax, please choose a place that is a little out of the main town. I stayed in a town called Akrotiri in the southwest. The town of Akrotiri can see the cities of Fira and Oia, which is on the cliffs in the distance facing the inland sea. Center of this town is small place with a local atmosphere. Some hotels face the sea, so please choose one of them.

Regarding the transportation of this island, I did not feel bad manners when I saw the car running. Therefore one idea is to rent a car if hotel locates out of main place. The bus functions as a system to some extent, but it may take some time to get used to it. The bus gives an overview of the route, but I do not know the detailed route, when I look at the timetable on the web. It seems that the time schedule for each bus stop is not avalible, and the route goes through different places on the way back and forth. Therefore, I recommend to check with the hotel staff.

By the way, I thought that the bus delayed from the scheduled time, I sometimes departed 2-3 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, so I would like you to keep this point in mind.

This island is not a place to relax on the beaches of a tropical island. When visited this place, I surprised at this special landscape and could not believe its existence. Some people may find it a fairy tale place, but it is more appropriate to see it as a special place where the town spreads out on a cliff, rather than a beautiful tropical place. It is an extraordinary space, it is worth to visit.

Visited in 2013, 2019.

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