The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA, USA)

At a club that represents the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, looking for the glittering glam metal residual scent by interacting with the club person and the audience.

“The Roxy” has a long history, located at Sunset Strip. I have visited in 1990s and this is the Club at Sunset, where I have visited at the first time. In 1990s, there were many Rock performance at this Club. This Club was more snob compared with the “Whisky a Go Go” and “Gazzarri’s” nearby.

Stage inside was very low height and there were fence at the back side of dancing floor in front of the stage, then there were tables and chairs at the back side of the fence. Its table is rectangular and visitor can sit down wherever you like. When sitting down on that table, cocktail waitress coming then asking the order, I felt something 1980s atmosphere on that conversation.

Its rectangular table can be surrounded by 4-8 chairs, and unknown visitors are frequently co-located and talked. Just seeing the outlook and interior of this Club, it looks like “high-entry”, however, visitors were very normal.

In addition, there were boxed seat at the far-end from the stage facing to the wall, I have heard that “Eddie Van Halen” to come and sitting down at that boxed seat. I have no idea everyone can sit down to that boxed seat or not. I have no reason to sit down there since I visited this Club only myself or with one friend, however.

At this club, Japanese were oftenly seen. I also talked to a Japanese girl. That Japanese girl fell in love with the vocalist of the band that was playing at first sight, and after the performance, she rushed into the dressing room on the left-hand side of the stage, and took a picture with vocalis, then returned to the seat, and talked me excitedly.

Another reason to make this Club famous is “Rainbow Bar & Grill” neighboring to this Club. When going through the front of this Bar and Restaurant, there were huge crowd in front of the premises, who is just talking or waiting to get inside, and therefore, I did not consider to get into, however, nowadays, it is very easy to get into this place, since there are a few people. In the 80’s, the band members who played at the sunset strip club and became famous dropped by this “Rainbow Bar & Grill”, and also it is known that “Lemmy” of “Motorhead” commuted this place in his later years.

Moreover, there is a narrow passage between “Roxy” and “Rainbow Bar & Grill”, this is leading to the back side of parking space, then I was just wondering whether I can park my car at this space or not, then just giving up to get in and going to the other parking space.

In 2000s, the performance tendency on this Club has changed, Rock performance is decreased, and when visiting in 2005, there was no space with my favorite rectangular table space. Now, it seems that Rock performance is almost nothing and I am very sorry that I will not have the opportunity to visit this Club any more.

Latest information visitted in May 2023

  • The building outlook has not changed, but the interior has changed. My previous visit was 18 years ago, so my memory is a little vague, but I do not think it’s too far off. Here’s what has changed.
  • The location of the building entrance has not changed, but it seems that the location of entering the inside of space has changed. It used to be on the right side. Since the position to enter inside was shifted to the left, I could see the stage in front of me when I entered inside.
  • The stage has changed. The height of the stage was about 50 cm. I think it used to be lower. Also, the width of the stage was narrowed, and the direction of the stage was changed. In the old days, when at a table seat, I could see the stage in front, but from the newly installed VIP seats (table seats), you could see the stage diagonally.
  • In the past, there was a standing space in front of the stage, with tables lined up behind it and box seats behind them, but there was a partition between the standing space and the table seats (VIP seats). An attendant stood at the entrance, checking people entering and leaving the table seating area.
  • No ristiction for taking pictures.

Visited in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2023.

Basic Information

​■ Name of Place : The Roxy
■ Address : 9009 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, California, USA
■ Performed Musician :
Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, System of a Down, NOFX, Red Hot Chili Peppers,​■ Homepage :
■ Others
– On the stage, the curtain (drop curtain) is lowered before the performance. “The Viper Room” near here also uses a drop curtain on stage.