Art Museum Ranking – Best 12 in Japan

A personal ranking of modern art museums visited by the site owner. The ranking criteria includes “Impact”. If you are looking for an extraordinary space to reset, which is the theme of this site, please visit.

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#1 : Chichu Art Museum (Naoshima Island, Japan) 
“Island of Art” floating in the Seto Inland Sea. Step into the building and get intoxicated with the amazing space appears in front.
(Feb 10 2019)(Mar 27 2022 updated)


#2 : Benesse House (Naoshima Island, Japan) 
”Island of Art” floating in the Seto Inland Sea. Enjoy the unrealistic feeling at the annexed hotel and the night museum. 
(Feb 10 2019) (Apr 29 2022 updated)


#3 : Enoura Observatory (Odawara, Japan)
Probably a museum, but not like museum in the suburbs of Odawara city in Japan. Experience a new form of contemporary art. 
(Feb 10 2019)(Apr 12 2020 updated)


#4 : National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
Tokyo. Experiencing Japanese modern and contemporary art in a spacious and quiet space. 
(Feb 10 2019)(Jun 20 2020 updated)


#5 :  Nakamura Keith Haring Collection (Yamanashi, Japan)
Keith Haring Museum in Yamanashi. Feeling the 80’s while watching the artworks of the pioneer of street art. 
(Feb 10 2019)(Aug 23 2020 updated)

#6 : 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan)
Kanazawa, Ishikawa. In the first musueum adopted a box-shaped, found artwork by James Turrell and look up at the blue sky. (Ot 15 2023)

#7 : Towada Art Center (Towada city, Aomori, Japan)
Towada City, Aomori Prefecture. Experience the contemporary art by overturning the stereotypical concept of museum architecture.
(Mar 5 2023)

#8 : Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
A gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Visiting an exhibition by an artist never heard of, amazed by the excellent works and space.
(Mar 16 2024)

#9 : Artizon Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
The center of Tokyo. When entering a modern building and see a rich collection of abstract paintings, I have the illusion that I am in an overseas museum.
(Sep 2 2023)

#10 : Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art (Chiba, Japan)
Art museum surrounded by greenery. In the Mark Rothko Room, admire the colors of the indistinct rectangular outline, meditate and get rid of distractions.
(Sep 30 2023)

#11 : Hara Museum ARC (Gunma, Japan)
In the north part of Tokyo. Stroll through the relaxing space at the foot of the mountain and encounter a space that combines Japanese and contemporary art. (Mar 3 2024)

#12 : Aomori Museum of Art (Aomori, Japan)
Aomori city in Japan. Step into the space unified in white color and go down to the basement, Chagall appears in the vast space and filled with a sense of fulfillment.
(Jun 24 2023)


Art Factory Jonan island (Tokyo, Japan)
A warehouse district in the south part of Tokyo. After passing through a maze of carbon paper blocks, find a space paved with more than 10,000 bricks, and meditate in a quiet, empty space.
(Feb 17 2024)

(described on Dec 9 2023)
(Updated on Mar 16 2024)

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