Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Dallas, Texas, art museum with natunal history. At the entrance, greeted by the staff, and in the exhibition room, greeted by the staff when having eye contact and feel the friendliness of the people here.

A museum in downtown Dallas, Texas. Texas is far from the west coast and is not famous tourist destinations like New York City on the east coast, it is a difficult place to visit. Also, I had the impression that Dallas was a big city, but when I went there, people often talked to me, and I felt that the people were friendly.

Well, it would be correct to say that this museum is art museum + natural history museum. Folk artworks caught my eye, and I saw some rare figures (dolls), especially those of African origin. This kind of item was excellent at the “de Young Museum” in San Francisco, but it was on par with the exhibition space and content. There were also items related to Japan, such as Buddhist statues, folding screens, and hanging scrolls.

The current building was built in 1984, so it is relatively old, but the artworks are lined up in a spacious space that does not make me feel old. In addition, attractive museums often have complicated floors, and may lose track of where I am. In addition, there were individual gallery rooms on the first floor, and the gallery at the far end of the main entrance exhibited artworks by a contemporary artist named “Jonas Wood”, was excellent.

As for contemporary art, the American artworks including by “Jasper Jones” and “Georgia O’Keeff”, while the Central American artworks including “Siqueiros”, “Tamayo” and “Rivera” were seen. There was not so much of a European artworks, I guess that this is due to the geographical conditions.

On the left side after entering the main entrance on the first floor, there is a cafe in the atrium space up to the fourth floor. Although I visited on weekday, I could see the local people having lunch, and the peaceful atmosphere of the space was very refreshing.

Also, there was a scene where people from the museum called out to me, and the staff in the exhibition room greeted me when their eyes met. Personally, I was very surprised at the kind of sincerity that was a little different from the friendliness seen in Los Angeles and San Francisco on the West Coast.

Visited in 2019.

​Basic Information

​■ Name : Dalls Museum of Art
■ Address :  1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX, USA
​■ Homepage:https://www.dma.org/