Portland Art Museum

Portland, Oregon. Amazed at the good taste of contemporary art space and inferred the influence of a liberal environmental city. 

This is a museum in Portland, Oregon, USA. This museum was founded in its current location in 1932, and has a long history, and has since been expanded and renovated. This museum has a typical museum element, but it has a lot of contemporary art and is eye-catching.

First of all, regarding the building of this museum, there is a main building and an annex, which are connected underground. The main building is larger, but if you like contemporary art, please visit the annex anyway. This annex is called “Modern & Contemporary Wing” and is on the first basement to fourth floors.

Although each floor is small, it has a visually wonderful structure. It makes good use of stairs and space, and can feel that it was carefully designed. It is a place that can serve as a model for creating a fascinating place for modern art in the limited space. 

On the 3rd and 4th floors of this “Modern & Contemporary Wing”, there are only abstract paintings, sculptures, and visual contemporary artworks. Also, there are a good sense of lighting and exhibition methods. I went back and forth to the same place several times. The balance of the artworks on display is wonderful and comfortable. Well-known artist/artwork were Andy Warhall’s “Liz” and David Hockney’s 2018 artwork. David Hockney lived in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. As of 2023, he is still active and based in Normandy, France.

In addition, on the 3rd and 4th floors, there was a dedicated space for viewing video works. There were four leather sofas that could seat about four people each to secure a luxurious space. It is a space where definitely stay longer if seeing a video work that attracts the interest.

The main building is an exhibition area with a typical museum element, but the area where pottery is exhibited was wonderful. This was an exciting and comfortable space. It was not an exhibition of old pottery, but a space with a strong contemporary element, which was arranged in a contemporary style.

As walking around the city of Portland, I amazed the taste of shops and restaurants. I feel that the sense of this area and the temperament of the city as a liberal environmental city are projected on the sense of contemporary artworks.

Visited in 2019

​​Basic Information

■ Name: Portland Art Museum
■ Address: 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR, USA
​■ Homepage: https://portlandartmuseum.org/