Kiva Koffeehouse (Utah USA)

Along the road in Utah, USA. Spending a luxurious reading time at the coffee house on the side of the valley, with a spectacular view outside the window.

This is Coffee house located in Utah, USA. This is Coffee house; however it is not the one located in the city. It is located along the amazing view road; “State Road 12” in the southern Utah, at the side of canyon. There is nothing around this cafe, it is really nothing around.

I have found this cafe accidentally in 2009, on the way to driving from “Capitol Reef” National Park to “Las Vegas”, to stop by for the rest, however, it was closed due to the regular holiday on Tuesday. I have just looked inside of the house and swore myself to be back again, then backed in 2015.

This coffee house is the log house built aside of the rock canyon. It is literally log house; however, it has a big space. There are approx. 10 tables, each has four chairs, inside of the house. Through the window at the side of the table, rock canyon can be seen and it looks like the view in the “North Coyote Butte” where the famous “The Wave” is located.

On my first visit, there is only one group of family at the table outside of the house, and no one was inside. I sat down at the table and look around the interior and look at the outside view from the window. I, myself did not believe this wonderful place, it was amazing and luxury space.

There is one notice on the wall in the house about this building, according to its indication, a plan to build this house was made in early 1990s, then brought the materials including lumbers, then established in 1998 and opened this coffee house. There is an indication that this coffee house was built for the drivers to stop by this place, to enjoy this amazing view. By the way, the builder of this coffee house was at the age of 87 when this coffee house was opened.

This coffee house is the self-service based. On my visit, there were three people in the shop at the counter and kitchen located at the back side of the counter, and one lady wore an old style of dress. I have asked the sandwich and coffee, then had a reading at the table. I have often stopped the reading and look around the interior, then feeling happy, then look over the rock canyon through the window and wondering “where am I?”. I have stayed for two hours at the table, and feeling the passion by the house builder, how he would have built this house even in the very isolated place in Utah.

A few days later from my first visit to this coffee house, I was driven by an impulse to return, then, I was back from the staying motel near the “Capitol Reef” National park, by driving more than one hour one way, just visiting this coffee house. A lady at the counter was the same and remembered me. She said that “today was really busy since some TV company has visited this coffee house, they have interviewed to visitors, too”. I have asked, “it is very fun to watch the TV, isn’t it?”. She was laughing and said “I do not have a TV at my house”.

I have visited cafés and restaurants in many places, but this place must be one of the best cafés/restaurants in my memory. “State Road 12” along this coffee house was very famous for its beautiful landscape, and therefore, some number of people may visit this place. However, there is really nothing around and it is isolated place, and therefore, I admire its passion for the person to build this house. I guess, lunch time on the weekend was crowded, however just slightly shifting the time to visit, I guess you will be able to monopolize its wonderful space.

This place is really the place to return again and again. I am really hoping that owner continues this coffee house business in the long future.

By the way, this coffee house runs small two cottages just located at the downside, and looking forward to staying here in the future.

Visited in 2009, 2015.

​Basic Information

■ Name of Place : Kiva Koffee House
■ Address : 7386 Hwy 12 Mile Marker, Escalante, UT 84726, USA
​■ Homepage :