The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Los Angeles, USA. Experiencing the interest, esoteric and fun of contemporary art in the California atmosphere. 

This is the modern museum in downtown Los Angeles, USA. This “Geffen Contemporary” is the separated one (Annex) of the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles). Main “MOCA” Museum is in the central downtown, and “The Geffen Contemporary” is in the east side of downtown.

Main “MOCA” building is famous that exhibition room is at basement. This, “The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA” is the museum that evoked me the amusement of modern art. It is very important museum for me.

It is in the edge of the road along “Japanese-American museum” near “Little Tokyo”. It was unsafe in 1990s, however, I felt it became safer including “Little Tokyo” area on my visit in 2019.

Museum building looks like the warehouse with big space. There are many contemporary artworks including abstract painting, installation, video. “MOCA” main building has mainly orthodox artworks, while, “The Geffen Contemporary” has big size of contemporary and avant-garde artworks.

On my first visit, I have excited, when walking around, “this must be the real contemporary art”. There is an impression that a typical contemporary art museum decorates with paintings of famous artists from the 1900s, which is the selling point of the museum. However there is no such thing here. According to the name of the museum, this place characterizes only with contemporary art.

On my visit in 2019, there was exhibition for 40 years’ anniversary of this museum. The collection of this museum for the artist mainly acted 40 years ago. Remembering California culture, artworks are colorful, innovative and hard to understand. Location of Los Angeles must affect to these artworks.

In general, museum exhibiting variety type of artworks does not have an impact after appreciation. However, it is very enjoyable while walking around due to a wonderful atmosphere and high-grade artworks. This museum cannot be missed for contemporary artwork.

By the way, nearby Japanese-American National Museum is “Must-See” place for Japanese. Permanent exhibition is substantial and can find a surprising fact.

Near the MOCA main building, a contemporary art museum called “The Broad” opened in 2015, It is active, including the MOCA main building. However personally, this “Gefen Contemporary” is the best among three museums.

Visited in 1995, 2019 and others.

Basic Information

■ Name of Place:The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
■ Address : 152 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
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