Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Arizona)

Overlooking the divine Spider Rock on the Indian Reservation, feeling the special space where different time is flowing.

This is the National Monument located in the Navajo Reservation area. This is in the remote area. I guess, the way to reach this place will be either “Grand Canyon”, “Glen Canyon (Page)” in the west side, or “Gallup” in the east side. There is a town ; “Chinle” around the entrance of this place, which is incredibly small, though it is like big town on the map. There are a few motels and restaurant. There are limited places to eat in a town with a few buildings. I went to the restaurant and had dinner. It was full of people and the locals were singing while playing percussion instruments. There was no atmosphere of dealing with tourists, which was mysterious.

Well, it is the best choice going to the “Spider Rock” in this “Canyon de Chelly”. This “Spider Rock” has approx. 200-meter height, and this is a rare type of rock tower. There is the same kind of rock tower called “Three Sisters” in the “Monument Valley”, but it is a little different. “Spider Rock” is standing in the center of the valley surrounded by the rock cliffs, and can feel the wind in the valley.

At the view point to look down the “Spider Rock”, it is located like it is just in front of my eyes. In addition, there are a few people in the view point and therefore, can enjoy its amazing view freely. This place has the different time frame and you will feel the different dimension at the very quiet environment.

In addition, there are ruins called “White House” Ruin and “Mummy Cave”. Both can be seen from the top of the cliff. The “White House” is located and accessible at the bottom of the valley. Two hours round trip to the bottom of the valley. Looking down from above, I wanted to go, but I didn’t have time to walk. If you have time, please try.

Moreover, I recommend you to drive the Navajo Reservation area in addition to this “Canyon De Chelly”. The recommended route is as below.

【Recommended Course-A】

Page – 89/160 — Tuba City – 264 – 191 – Canyon de Chelly – 160 – Four Corners – 160 – Kayenta – Monument Valley – 163 – 98 – Page

A course starting from Page, Glen Canyon is located, then go around, via Canyon de Chelly, Four Corners, and Monument Valley.