Bryce Canyon National Park

The unreal space formed by the accumulation of spire-shaped rock formations. Feel ing as if looking at contemporary art, intoxicated with that space.

This is the place where unique reddish-brown rocks gather. Each rock has sharp form like needle. In Grand Canyon, I was feeling bad by seeing its huge space, but I was feeling bad by seeing this unreal space.

There are other National Parks regarding rocks, rocks gathering, rock valley, it is “Grand Canyon”, “Arches” and “Capitol Reef”, but the rocks in this place is totally different from the others. I feel that a sharp formed rocks include something artistic factor, and therefore when seeing these unique rocks, the right word to describe must be “Be Intoxicated” for me.

This national park is located within the “Grand Circle”, and therefore, there are relatively many people here guessing people from Las Vegas visited the “Zion” National Park first, then, to extend the route to this “Bryce Canyon”. There are several view point where looking down the unique sharp rocks. My favorite is “Bryce Point” located at the farthest from the park entrance.

I have visited this National Parks three times, this is the landscape that really would like to see many times. Moreover, there are trails going down to the unique rocks, it is relatively easy trails and therefore I recommend to trek. On the way down to the bottom of the valley, there are several picturesque points including the giant tree standing surrounded by the reddish brown rocks.

​Visited in 2006, 2008, 2015.

​Basic Information

■ Name of Place: Bryce Canyon National Park
■ Address :  Utah, USA
​■ Homepage:

​■ How to Get here? / Input

  1. This place is basically getting into from “Las Vegas”. “St. George” or “Cedar City” will be option.
  2. Activity in this “Bryce Canyon” is limited, and therefore, “Zion” National Park will be considered to visit together, and “Capitol Reef” National Park extending to the north as well.
  3. There is a relatively distance from “Las Vegas”. I do not recommend to drive, immediately after arriving at the airport in” Las Vegas” from Japan via west coast city. It is better to stay in “Las Vegas” to keep the condition.
  4. Distance/Time
    ・280mile (450km), 4.5 hours by car, from “Las Vegas” to “Bryce Canyon”
    ・120mile (200km), 2.5 hours by car, from “Bryce Canyon” to “Capitol Reef”