Arches National Park  (Utah)

The land of rock art. Walking along the rocky trail, arriving at “Delicate Arch”. Be hot with the emotions.

This national park is in the east of Utah State, Natural Bridges are studded. It was in a very inconvenient place. I flied over to the nearest city/town, Grand Junction, then getting into this place by car. If reaching from a big city, its candidate must be Las Vegas, Denver and Salt Lake City, however, I guess, Salt Lake City is the easiest way. Many people will consider to reach this place from Las Vegas via Grand Circle, to see the other national parks, it is better to have the schedule carefully with a big margin.

This place with one word description is “Colorful”. This is the wonder place with many brown-colored rocks. Recommended spot is “Landscape Arch” and “Delicate Arch”. Especially, “Delicate Arch” is amazing and strongly recommended.

“Delicate Arch” is not easy access, at least one hour-one way trekking is required. Its trekking is not so difficult, but pay attention to the hotness. I have visited in early May and walked in the later afternoon, but it was really hot. The trails aren’t maintained, but you will not get lost because of the landmark stones (Mini Cologne), a large number of people due to no restrictions for admission. Trekking route is moderate uphill and it does not feel like anyone can walk casually, and therefore, I recommend to be minimum prepared.

After the trekking, this “Delicate-Arch” suddenly appears in front of you, by walking around the rock wall. Its artistic Rock ; Delicate-Arch stands in the center of the wide space. During the trekking, it cannot be seen at all, and therefore, the process to be sudden appearance in front, increases the impression. While, when walking to the “Delicate-Arch”, the returning people from the “Delicate-Arch” is smiling and therefore, I can imagine its wonderfulness, however, its impression does not decrease even seeing the actual one.

After reaching to the area where you can see the “Delicate-Arch”, I recommend you to go just under the arch and feels “how big this Delicate-Arch is”. You will also have the question “why only this “Delicate-Arch” is here.

After I have arrived at the “Delicate-Arch”, sun is approaching to the horizon. When Delicate-Arch becomes a beautiful orange color bathing the sunset light, one very old lady has arrived in the area of “Delicate Arch”, then people in the area has started to clap their hands, then I have felt very happy. In this natural space, people’s mind may be purified. I hope you will have the same experience.

The nearest town is “Moab”. If you visit “Arches National Park”, you will stay in this town. There is also “Canyonlands National Park” in the vicinity, and there are no other towns in the area, and therefore, if you stay in this “Moab”, it is better to reserve the hotel to stay earlier.

Visited in 2000.

​Basic Information

​■ Name of Place:Arches National Park
■ Address : Utah, USA
​■ Homepage:

■ How to Get here? / Input

  1. Big gate city near this “Arches” is “Las Vegas” and “Salt Lake City”. A medium city is “Grand Junction” located in the east. In case of “Grand Junction”, flight is limited, but it is practical considering the long drive from “Las Vegas” or “Salt Lake City”.
  2. In general, there are few cases to visit only “Arches” National Park, but it must be a part of National Parks in Grand Circle. It takes, at least, 10 days to go around the major National Parks in Grand Circle, I guess it is very difficult to have this long period of schedule. For example, in case having 5 days schedule, I guess to go around three places “Arches”, “Dead Horse Point” and “Canyonlands”, from/to “Grand Junction”.
  3. The nearest town of “Moab” has many motels, but there are no towns around it. Therefore, it will be full and it is better to reserve your accommodation earlier.
  4. Distance / Time
    ・230mile (370km), 4 hours by car, from Salt Lake City.
    ・500mile (800km), 7 to 8 hours by car, from Las Vegas.
    ・120mile (200km), 2 hours by car, from Grand Junction